Stories of Angel Encounters

Our email is flooded by so many stories from people you believe they have been visited by Angels or deceased loved ones.  We would like to share these stories with others so they know they are not alone.  If you have a story of an encounter with an Angel or loved one, send it to us at and we will add it to the page for all to enjoy.  Your name will not be used unless you specifically ask.

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Please note, we will try to leave all submissions as sent to us, but because of limited space, we reserve the right to edit stories.

Angel's on the Cliff: My grandma, mom and I were driving to BC for Easter and I needed out of the car to run and play (I was about 6) we stopped at the Columbia Ice fields and decided to go up for a walk. I was running ahead and my mom yelled for me to slow down.  Just as I turned to see where they were I saw my grandma fall and start sliding towards a cliff. My mom caught her but they already had so much momentum they werenít stopping. We were all screaming at the top of our lungs but there was no one around.  As Grandma and Mom slid toward the edge of the cliff, two men, who could barely speak English, in full climbing gear (that you donít need for a hike out there)  appeared out of nowhere and grabbed my mom just as she was losing grandma over the edge and lifted grandma like she was a feather. Both were battered and beaten but alive. Just as they got to their feet I went running to them and as fast as they were there, the two men were gone. I know who they were and mom and grandma are pretty sure what happened them.  We will always be grateful to these two men/angels.  Because of them, I didn't lose the only family I had.


Angel's Protective Cloak: One day in 1979, I was driving along Alameda and Firestone in the City of South Gate California, when all of a sudden my headlights went out, my muffler started to drag, making a lot of sparks and noise.  I was headed East at the time so I had to make a U turn to go back toward my home.  My children were with me at the time, a son 3 and a daughter age 6.  They were both very scared because it was a dark and scary area on the main street.  The signs along the street said "No Stopping Or Parking At Any Time".  As I was making the U turn on Firestone, I noticed that about a half a mile back, the light signal was red.  I thought I had enough time to park along side of the Firestone plant and get out. (It is a large industrial building in the area)  I told my children to hurry up and get out of the car and wait along the side of the fence that surrounded the building.  I was trying to hurry and get out of the car myself , but it was too late, a large brown van hit me as I was trying to get out from the drivers side of the car.  I knew it was over for me!  Then all of a sudden I heard a strange swishing sound and I looked up and I was OK.  I couldn't believe it!  The brown van pulled up in front of, or, I should say along side of my car, and the people in the van asked me if I was OK.  They too were shook up at what just happened.  I could not speak, I was in too much of a shock and they were also.  Their van went right through me. The noise I heard was definitely the sound of "Angels Wings" covering me as the van went through me.  I will never, ever, forget that night!  This happened right in front of my children who were screaming, because they thought I was hit by the van. 

In the Hands of an Angel: When I was 7 yrs. old my 5 yr. old cousin was very sick and my parents would never tell me what was wrong.  Years later I found out he had cancer.  My parents told me after he died not to talk about him.  Everything was so hush, hush and I was devastated and no one would tell me where Chetty went.  Whenever my family went there for visits; he'd always want me to go out and swing with him. 

After he died, we went to his house for a visit and I was so lonely, I decided to go outside and swing.  As I sat there remembering how it use to be, Chetty walked up to me and an Angel was holding his hand.  She had beautiful long blonde hair and was dressed in a long white gown.  She never said a word, just smiled, but Chetty looked at me and said "I'm not in pain no more".  He and the angel turned and walked until they simply faded away.

Angelic House Protection: me and I told her that I had to go home.  That something was wrong and I had to go home.  This lasted for about five minutes.  Sharon would not let me go and then suddenly the feeling left me.  We looked at the time and it was 1:45 in the afternoon, the feeling left me at 1:52.

I finished out my day at work and as I drove up to my home there were several police cars in my driveway.  At exactly 1:40 pm that afternoon my husband who works out of our home felt the need to go to the store.  He left the house for ten minutes.  While he was gone five very aggressive men took an ax to our door, kicked it in and rip out VCR's, TV's and several other items.  They were caught and the police officer came by the house with the men who were pointing out all the homes that they had robbed in our neighbor.  The officer said that if my husband had been home, they would have hurt him or even killed him.
I feel that my guardian angel saved him by instilling the need to go to the store at that exact time.  He still does not know why he went that day.  But I am thankful to my angels for their help.



Consequences of Not Listening: This is another story that has a moral to it.  Always listen to your guardian angel!  One morning as I woke up I heard a voice saying over and over don't get on the boat, don't get on the boat.  So I told my husband about it.  That day we were going boating with a friend who was bringing another friend that we had not met yet with their own boat as well.

My husband and I talked about what I had heard and we made a decision to go met with them on the beach, but not to get on any of the boats that day.  However at the end of the day after not getting on any of the boats, my friend talked me and my husband into getting on the boat for just a ride only.  We gave in and went.
While they were pulling a tuber in a double tube, the new ski rope, snapped.  It snapped because the tuber had fell off the tube and the boat driver who had been drinking continued to drive the boat at over 30 mph even after we repeatedly yelled at him to stop.  The tube submerged and held fast in the water, the ski rope had an estimated 4,000 pounds of pressure place on it and it snapped.  At first everyone thought someone was shooting at us.  It sounded like two gun shots.
The first of the two gun shot sounds were when the rope snapped and the second one, when it hit me in the head.  It knocked me out and cause great bodily injury to me.  I am disabled now due to what happened.  I wish I had listened to my guardian angel.
So everyone out there don't make the mistake that I did.  Listen to your guardian angel.  Even if you feel stupid or foolish, don't give in to other's wishes around you.  Let God lead the way for you through the guidance he gives you through your guardian angels.


Angels, watch over my family:  One of our sons, was going to a party to meet a friend and my wife told him not to go; he said that he was going and left in the car; as he was going down the highway, he felt angelic communications to the effect that he should turn around; he did not pay attention and was wondering who was he talking to?  One exit before his required exit, he felt that someone turned the steering wheel and took the car out that exit; he then felt, that he should listen, and returned home; he relayed the story to us. We found out the next day, that there was a shooting at the party and his friend was killed.  I guess, his guardian angel kept him from possibly being killed also.  thank you Guardian Angel!

Another time, this same son, was going to meet a girlfriend in NC and his mother again warned him not to go; it was winter and himself or the car were not prepared for the journey.  During that night, my wife had a vision, where she saw him stranded on a dark NC roads, in the cold and freezing.  Again, she sent his guardian angel and other archangels to assist him.  When he returned a few days later, my wife asked him if anything had happened on the road, and because he knows of her gifts, he said Yes and related to us this story.  He had run out of gas on a dark road in the middle of the night, and it was very cold, he did not want to stay in the car, so he started walking; a big 16 wheeler came and told him that He WOULD TAKE HIM TO THE GAS STATION, GET SOME GAS. He took him there, gave him a gas can and waited for him,  to return him to the car; as my son  was putting the gas into his car, he turned around to say THANK YOU and the truck and all had disappeared without a sound or any loud noise from the truck engine. Another one of those angels in disguise. 

Another son, was returning home late at night in his small sports car, when at a major intercession, someone ran the light and plunged into his side. The car had one of those iron cages that surround you; he looked in his rear view, as he was pinned very tightly and saw someone who kept telling him: 'Don't loose faith, someone is already on the way.' When the fire rescue people came, he told them that there was someone in the back seat and they said that there was NO ONE THERE!  He knew then that it was an angel in disguise, keeping him from loosing his grip on the situation...saved his life!  



No creature too small:  One weekend I was away from home and found that my two Jack Russell dogs were let out of the yard by someone leaving their gate open.  These dogs are like my children to me, we searched and looked all over for them.  My heart was torn into a million pieces, the tears would not stop.  During our search on Saturday, we came across a man walking his dog about 12:30 AM and we left him our name and phone number.  We continued our search through the night, but we didn't find our doges. 

On Monday I came across an email that shared Angelic information with naming about 15 Angels.  I called out to each one of them with tears streaming down my face and demanded that I get my puppies back home safe and unhurt where they belong.  That Monday afternoon the man we ran into Saturday night called me and said he saw a sign stating two Jack Russells were found and he gave me the phone number from the sign.  I immediately called the number and sure enough this wonderful family had found my dogs and took care of them for the weekend.  I believe in all my heart that the Angels sent us in the direction of this man, for the Angels knew my heart was broken and they were just waiting for the word from me to assist.

I know there are people suffering in this world and would think that loosing dogs is nothing compared to the suffering of others but this was MY heartache and there is no suffering too big or too small that the Angels wont help with, all you have to do is reach out. I am living proof that they are, not just with returning my dogs but in other areas of my life.

Visitor in the night:  On night, about 3am in the morning I was woken by the most beautiful feminine voice I ever heard..  She was saying over and over again "Angel Fennety".  I couldn't open my eyes, I fought and fought till eventual I did, and I let out a bit of a scream due to the effort.  As soon as my eyes opened her voice stopped, but I knew exactly where she was moving in my room.  I was covered in goose bumps and felt quiet warm, I said to her "thank you for coming to see me, and that she can go in peace".  Shortly after that, the mood in my room changed and I could go back to sleep.

The next morning when I woke up I saw the back of a figure in white, it took a couple of steps and disappeared.  It was not the same entity that came during the night, I had no positive or negative feeling towards this one, it was just there.


Everything's going to be okay:  I lost my son Justin 2 years ago to murder.  Since he was in High School, we would go round and around about him not bringing the car home when he was supposed to.  The night before Thanksgiving, I prayed for God to give me a sign that Justin was ok and that I was doing the right things to bring the people to justice and to keep his two children safe from harm.  After dinner, my husband went outside and our pickup was running, no one had been outside to start it.  I knew immediately that it was a sign from Justin that everything was fine and all would be ok.

Concerned "Stranger":   I was having a very tough day. Trying to stay sober and deal with the loss of my true love and job at  the same time.  I begin to speak to my higher power over a span of  three months until one day I felt so helpless and doubtful.  I remember getting down on my knees begging for my creator to connect with me so I would know that he was there and that I was truly not alone.  That day I saw seven rainbows at different times.  What made me think the most was when a stranger in a green car saw me parked on the road.  I was crying and praying.  He pulled up next to my car, he said "I saw you here and wanted to see if you were okay!"  I said "Oh, yes I'm okay.  He then asked again,"  Are you sure that you're okay?" and again I replied "Yes".   He then said "Okay, you have a great day."   Instantly it lifted my spirits and I smiled at him with tears in my eyes and told him to have a good day too.  As he was driving away we both looked at each other in the rear view mirrors as if something told us to.  As I was driving away it dawned on me that what if he were an angel checking to see if I needed help.  This person. who I've never saw again,  made me feel so happy and at ease.  Just stopping to see if I was alright was all I needed to know that my higher power had connected with me through a stranger who I feel was an angel.


Survival in Vietnam:  I don't know if this was an Angel or my father who had recently passed, but I was stationed in Vietnam from 1970 to 1971 at the time that the United States was beginning to pull out of the country.  I was a First Lieutenant in charge of a 5 ton truck company running convoys to bring goods, equipment, weapons, jet fuel and supplies to different bases in the lower three Corps. 


I was assigned to bring an artillery company out of the mountains back to my base at Long Bien.  While leading the convoy on the road back to Long Bien, I felt a cool breeze run up my back.  We were in the sweltering jungle, there shouldn't have been a cool breeze.  I immediately felt that my convoy was to be ambushed down the road.  I halted the convoy in the middle of the jungle to review my ambush instructions with the troops.  We mounted our vehicles and proceeded down the road.  Not 30 minutes later, we were ambushed.  Because we were aware of the possibility of the ambush and were just recently prepared with instructions, we were able to get through it without incident.  We returned fire and drove back the Vietcong giving us the time to escape the ambush zone.  This happened 3 times in the year that I was there.  I credit this cool breeze for the survival of myself and my troops.



Protection on the streets:  I was walking home from the hospital in the middle of the night.  My husband had almost died and I wasn't thinking of anything but him and finally being able to go home and sleep.  I unconsciously took the quickest way home.  This wasn't necessarily the safest route.  The other streets were busier and safer and that was the way I always walked, even in the daylight.  All of a sudden I felt a presence.  It was a feeling like a mother gets when she "feels" exactly what her children are doing behind her.  I felt a large being who expanded huge wings and wrapped them around me.  It was a feeling of comfort I never felt before.  Then I realized the path I was taking home and the fact that I was standing in the middle of a dark alley.  I shudder to think what was down that alley that this being was protecting me from.







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